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Is the Lord’s Supper to be open to everyone who professes to be saved? Or is the Supper to be restricted only to the members of the church observing the ordinance?

It is becoming more common to do things the way we want and not the way the Bible teaches. We are continually replacing “thus saith the Lord” with our own personal opinion. Churches are practicing what is popular, rather than what is Biblical.

There are some hard questions that we must be willing to answer. Do you believe that the Bible is our rule of faith and practice? Do you believe we ought to pattern our present practices after the teachings of the Scriptures? Now, let me ask a question that is a lot harder to answer.

With this in mind, let us find out from the Scriptures what the Bible teaches about observing the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper. May we resolve in our hearts that we will conform our beliefs and practices to what the Bible teaches