Was Jesus Crucified on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday




For many years there has been a controversy concerning the day of the week that Jesus Christ was crucified. Three schools of religious thought contend for their respective positions. Was Jesus crucified on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday? It could have happened on only one of these days. Two of them are wrong. Which two are wrong? More importantly, which one is right?

The most popular and generally accepted position among Catholics and Protestants is that Jesus was crucified on Friday. That He was buried at sunset, just before six o’clock p.m. That He spent Friday night and Saturday night in the tomb and arose from the grave about sunrise the following Sunday morning.

In order to determine the most likely day of the crucifixion of Jesus, there are several matters to consider. First of all, the influence that paganism has to do with the entire Easter celebration. Secondly, the impact that the Law of Moses regarding the Passover holiday and the Fest of Unleavened Bread had on the event. And third, what the prophetic Scriptures of the even indicated. When all these issues are resolved, there is really only one obvious day on which Christ could have been crucified.