This video series contains 13 lessons designed for small and large groups. Within this study you will learn almost every aspect of the tabernacle and furniture including myths and traditions. More importantly, you will learn how each of the articles and the traditions of the rituals relate and point the nation of Israel to Jesus Christ.

The videos are designed with 3D animation of the tabernacle to give you a great perspective of what everything would have looked like. Dr. Bobby Sparks goes into detail over the significance of each of the Tabernacle items and explains how God used each item to reveal Himself and His character to His nation.

The average video length is 20 minutes long allowing small groups to watch more than one video per session or leaving plenty of time to discuss application questions at the end.

The DVD package contains 2 DVD’s, 1 copy of The Tabernacle of the Old Testament book, 1 student workbook and 1 leader’s guide to direct the study.

This DVD set includes 1 book and 1 workbook along with 1 complete DVD set.